Reply To: bhavanga


Thank you for the clarification. I happened to listen to a lecture on Abidhamma by Mr Richard Jones of the london buddhist vihara.
It is easier for me to listen than to read, so I prefer listening to talks.
He mentions how bhavanga (and he says there are many flowing at the same time) simply flows until it is interrupted by a sensory input. So my above statement was a simplistic understanding of how meditation works, but now it is obvious that it is not all that simple.
These topics are very interesting to read and hear, but hard to remember.
I am glad that the Buddha has the suttas, which are lost easier to understand and remember.
I was a novice monk in a theistic school for a good part of my youth, and followed and tried to
practice that (as taught by the school of madhva, ramanuja, chaitany ect). Also we were systematically brainwashed against Buddhism and monistic teachings by Shakara.
I happened to do a vipassana course by Mr. S N Goenka, and then got interested in Buddhism.
I was amazed at how scientific Buddhism was and the meditation has been very helpful in controlling and calming the mind ,compared to the mantra meditation I did for several decades.