Reply To: Infinity & the rebirth process


Hello Dawson,

You asked: “If there are countless other planetary systems out there, then why is it that we’re limited to this particular one to exist in? If there are an infinite number of beings, then there’ll be an infinite set of potential parents whose gati matches ours and thus, there would be no need to wait”

It is an interesting question. I need to think about it a bit more.

1. But the following is an observation from the rebirth accounts of children by Professor Ian Stevenson.
– Rebirths within a human bhava are observed to be highly local. For example, a person dying in India seems to be reborn in that region. For a person dying in England, rebirths are unlikely to happen in India.
– However, there are a few exceptions in his studies.

2. So, from observations, it appears that rebirths outside a planetary system must be extremely rare.

I will think about this some more. Hopefully, others may have some ideas too.