Reply To: Arahants


Thank you SengKiat and Lal,

Just wondering what book is SengKiat quoting from?

The reason for asking what I did is because I’m coming across “Youtubers” claiming that they have attained Arahanthood when according to the Buddha Dhamma that I have come to understand/know, they clearly have not.

I was thinking that it would be a compassionate thing for me to at least attempt one time to try to get them to really question themselves if they really have attained Arahanthood. To me, it’s never too late for one to admit their mistakes and possibly walk on the noble 8 fold path in the future.

But after observing the P.S. of these people, I feel they might have gone too deep into their delusions or the anatta nature. Even though I haven’t attempted to reach out to these people yet, but for some reason I feel that no matter what I say or try to tell them, it won’t reach them. If I’m not careful, they might even end up hating me. Instead of trying to do good, I end up doing harm . . . One of these teachers says/teaches Nibbana is Sansara . . .

The worse part is these people also have followers. I was planning on warning them, but after seeing their comments praising these claimed Arahants. If I did such a thing, they might end up hating me as well.

In mundane terms, it’s sad to see such things happening while feeling anatta (helpless) to do anything for these people, besides metta bhavana.

In supramundane terms, to me this seems like an example of the meaning of Dhamma. What one must bear. Seems like the way it is. . .

From what I have understood so far, the most practical thing that I can do for others is to contemplate on the Dhamma and do metta bhavana.

with Metta, Theruwan Saranai.