Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


Hello nb,

You wrote: “This is my understanding of Goenkaji’s instructions, what he saying is that in the first moment when you notice a painful sensation, you might have a tendency to move right away in response to pain, but he is saying that you also have the ability to not move right away and to take some time to watch the pain and to evaluate if you can actually stay still or if the pain deserves moving…”

He totally misunderstood the purpose of vipassana.
It is not a physical feeling that the Buddha asked to pay attention to. Rather it is the “mind-made vedana” or “samphassa-ja-vedana.”

It just so happens that this is exactly what the most recent post is about;
Dukkha Samudaya Starts With Samphassa-Jā-Vedanā

This is a very deep point to understand. It is a good idea to read that subsection if interested.