Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana


I also wanted to add that Goenkaji very clearly says during the discourses and the one hour meditation sits that

One should should clearly understand the purpose of Vipassana- is to change the habit pattern of the mind.

Understand how to do Vipassana- by a) constantly observing the annica nature of sensations in the body first hand for yourself and b) contemplating on the futility of attaching with greed to a pleasant sensation or by aversion to an unpleasant sensation because they will both change on their own anyways.

The next part is the application of what is practised in the sitting meditation in your daily life. He says that one aught to continuously keep track of the sensations that arise when one is living and dealing with other people in the world. You are asked to observe that every time you act with a defilement greed hatred anger you increase discomfort and heat for yourself. At the same time when you act with loving kindness and with a good frame of mind you decrease the heat and discomfort and generate calm states of mind. You are to use the constant awareness of sensations you practice in sitting meditation to help you choose correct behaviour in the real world.

He also very clearly says that if your meditation sitting is not bringing out any favourable change in your behaviour in your daily life then you’re doing your meditation wrong. He says you can actually cause harm to yourself if you don’t understand the purpose and don’t apply the technique properly.

Anyways, I think I will stop defending Goenkaji for the simple reason that if he saw me defending him he might laugh at me and say child, go do something more useful.