Reply To: Permanent effect of magga citta


There are many interesting topics in Dhamma for sure, we can ask endless questions about those things especially on the cosmic matter and things beyond scope of our mind and technology. One needs to keep that in check and by “that” I mean that mind-pattern that looking for some cosmic argument to practice Dhamma. It’s like a first-grader trying to challenge a mathematician about his own ignorance and limited information glued into what he “thinks and believes to be such and such” – the life experience will verify everything and a person will grow for certain things giving up on this pattern.

What I mean here you may be looking for validation in the wrong room that will cause more mess in understanding. Everything starts always from the base or root understanding, first, you learn numbers, the meaning of the numbers, and basic calculation to move further but if you want to go into “cosmic” matters “on the go” you will be at a disadvantage. People need to understand that – they will not able to grasp it all. You can’t have it all, but what is essential in Dhamma is very graspable for anyone willing and anyone with goods roots for it.