Reply To: Permanent effect of magga citta


There is no ending to answering these types of questions.
– While it is good to some understanding, most of these types of questions just lead to more questions.
– I am trying to strike some balance. It is true that getting answers to some questions helps build faith in Buddha Dhamma.
– However, it is far more beneficial to spend time learning about how to stop future suffering, as the Buddha advised.

For example, you say ” If there is no life in the Alpha Centauri system..” But we cannot prove whether there is life there or not.
– science cannot even prove whether there is life in ANY of the billions of planets they have discovered in recent years.
– Even 100 years ago, the only planets that science knew about were the planets in our Solar system.
– With time, science may or may not be able to determine whether there is life outside the Solar system. As I mentioned above, the enormous distances to planetary systems around other stars make that task very difficult.

Anyway, here is a post that discusses some of these issues:
Misconceptions on the Topics the Buddha “Refused to Answer”