Reply To: Permanent effect of magga citta


8. […] A “world-system” is a set of planets associated with a star, where one planet would have life.

A world-system must necessarily support life to be counted within this 10K planetary system group? If there is no life in the Alpha Centauri system, then it would not be counted amongst the 10K? Must it be currently inhabited or could it have been in the past to be counted? Theoretically all planet systems could be inhabited through the colonization of a sufficiently advanced spacefaring civilization (maybe in the future homo sapiens are able to colonize planets in the the Alpha Centauri system). Must life originate indigenously in a planetary system for it to be counted?

8. […] The Buddha could travel anywhere among the 10,000 “world-systems” (dasasahassi lokadhātu).

What is the obstacle that prohibits a Buddha from travelling beyond this set of 10k systems?

5. I want to develop this idea to show that kammic energy has instantaneous influence across the universe. If inert particles have this “connected-ness” in Nature, it is natural to extend it to the mental realm.

I still don’t understand why it would not be possible, since there is no dimension of space in nama loka.

If he wished, Ānanda, a Realized One could make his voice heard throughout a galactic supercluster, or as far as he wants.
Ākaṅkhamāno, ānanda, tathāgato tisahassimahāsahassilokadhātuṁ sarena viññāpeyya, yāvatā pana ākaṅkheyyā”ti. Variant: tisahassimahāsahassilokadhātuṁ → tisahassiṁ mahāsahassiṁ lokadhātuṁ (sya-all, km); tisahassīmahāsahassī lokadhātuṁ (pts1ed)

According to my understanding of this sutta, a Buddha has no limit to his ability to communicate with his mind. So a Buddha from one dasasahassi lokadhātu could communicate with a Buddha from another dasasahassi lokadhātu, or any being, anywhere in the universe, that is receptive.