Reply To: Permanent effect of magga citta


“If there are an infinite amount of Buddhas in the universe at any given time, does this mean that someone with iddhi powers could theoretically communicate with one of them?”

No. That is not possible.
Edited March 26, 2021: Our Solar system centered on the Sun is one of 1,000 such systems in what is called a “cūḷanikā lokadhātu” or a “small world system”.
– Therefore, our Sun is one of 1,000 stars with planets and life.
– This “small world system” of 1,000 planetary systems is HUGE. For example, the closest star to us is 4-5 light-years away. That means it takes light traveling at 3×10^8 m/s to reach that closest star 3-4 years! To put it in perspective, it takes only 8 minutes for the light from the Sun to reach Earth.
– For most of us (even with iddhi powers), there can be no type of “communication” outside this “small world system”.
– For example, Brahmas from other planetary systems can even visit Earth to listen to a Buddha.
– But not even they can travel or communicate with other “small world systems” external to our “small world system”.
– A Buddha is for just one “small world system”. Of course, there can be many Buddhas over long times, appearing periodically in a given “small world system”.

There are an uncountable number of such “small world systemS” in the universe.
– For example, modern science says there are billions of stars in a galaxy, and there are billions of such galaxies!
– So, there are MANY “small world systems” in our Milky Way galaxy.