Reply To: Tanha = ego?


Tanha in not ego.
– I think that teacher was unkind. There should not be any significance attached to one’s name. You had nothing to do with you being named Gabriel.
– It is sad to see that many Dhamma teachers (even Theravada) have not grasped Buddha’s teachings.

Tanha arises with cravings for worldly things. Greed is the first manifestation.
– When one does not get what one desires, greed turns to anger.
– Therefore, tanha involves both greed and hate/anger.

Tanhā – How We Attach Via Greed, Hate, and Ignorance

The Pāli word for ego is “māna.”
– It is reduced in stages and is completely removed ONLY at the Arahant stage.
– At a deeper level ego is the view of “me” and “mine.”
– The first stage of REDUCTION is at that Sotapanna stage with the removal of sakkaya ditthi;

Sakkāya Diṭṭhi – Wrong View of “Me” and “Mine”