Reply To: Permanent effect of magga citta


1. Like everything else in this world, cittās also arise due to causes.
– When a tempting arammana comes to the mind, cittās arise according to one’s gati. Those gati are related to one’s defilements (raga anusaya, dosa, anusaya, moha anusaya)

2. Anusaya can be removed ONLY by wisdom (paññā).
– Wrong views (and corresponding wrong cittās) arise due to not understanding the root causes of suffering: raga, dosa, moha.

3.When one starts understanding Buddha Dhamma, those anusaya are removed in four stages. As anusaya are removed in stages, corresponding cittās are stopped from arising automatically. That is because those defilements are the root causes for the arising of such citta.

I am not sure which post your quote came from. It is ALWAYS helpful to cite the post and relevant bullet numbers.

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If things are not clear, please feel to ask questions. But refer to posts/bullet #s.