Reply To: Post on “Rupa and Rupakkhandha, Nāma and Nāmagotta”


This is a “good teachable moment.”

TripleGemStudent wrote: ” I believe it depends on the person and as well what the goal of the meditation is for. For instance, there’s meditators out there that meditates on Kasina objects.”

– Those meditators who meditate on kasina objects are NOT Buddhist meditators. Buddhist kasina meditation does not involve any “objects” belonging to this world. This is why breath meditation is also not a Buddhist meditation. See, “Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhimagga – A Focused Analysis” and “Is Ānāpānasati Breath Meditation?
– There are no “worldly objects” involved in Buddhist meditation. It is all about removing greed, anger, ignorance from one’s mind.

“Some athletes might meditate (or visualize) repetitive motions or techniques, while others have their own goals and objectives when it comes to meditation.”
– Again, that is a mundane matter. However, the premise is correct. Having the ability to visualize better would help those athletes.

“For example, I believe Aphantasia can be beneficial for us Pure Dhamma meditators, but it could be a hindrance for artist, athletes, etc . . .”
– Yes. It depends on whether one wants to stay engaged in the rebirth process or whether one wants to seek Nibbana. In this website, we are not interested in improving athletic skills.

“Now that I think more about this, having Aphantasia can possibly be a hindrance for those who does Metta bhavana trying to recall people’s faces or past events.”
– That is not fully correct either. One does not need to cultivate Metta towards one person. One should cultivate metta towards all living beings.
– However, if one is trying to get rid of animosity towards a specific person, it is true.