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1. This is the same as cultivating Samma Sankappa and discarding miccha sankappa.
– It is also the same as cultivating the correct version of Anapana and Satipatthana meditations.
P.S. It is also the same as cultivating punnabhi sankhara (punna kamma) and discarding apunnabhi sankhara (apunna kamma).

2. That is done at two levels:
– First is the mundane level (cultivating normal “good thoughts” like giving, helping others, etc., and abstaining from greedy, angry thoughts).
– The higher level is to see the fruitlessness and dangers in craving for worldly pleasures (kama raga).

3. Again that second level is also two-fold: First is “seeing” and the second is “getting rid of remaining wrong perceptions”. The first step involves learning/comprehending the fruitlessness/dangers in sensual pleasures and the second involves constantly contemplating on the drawbacks of sensory pleasures.
– #2 of the recent post, “Icchā, Taṇhā, Kāma – Root Causes of Suffering” discusses an analogy of an alcoholic.

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