Reply To: Bopitiye Sadaham Pasala – Excellent Discourses in Sinhala/English/Italian


I just listened to just 4th English discourse that y not referred to above.
– I have not listened to the first three yet.

y not wrote: ‘The one thing that struck me as ‘new'(to me),though in no way ‘revolutionary’ in the sense of not being consistent with Dhamma, is the relation given between moha and raga/dvesha – around 11’14” in Discourse 4 – Sensual Dancers.”

Yes. It is a good way to look at the overall situation. In my next post, I will go to the first discourse of the Buddha to get to the root of it.
– But as the Thero pointed out, it is not trivial to remove raga, dosa, moha from a mind. It requires getting to lokottara Samma Ditthi.
– That is the comprehension of the Four Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana that we talk about all the time. Without seeing the drawbacks of raga, dosa, and moha it is impossible to remove them from a mind.

By the way, those concepts are basic ones taught in schools in Sri Lanka (a bit simpler version than given by the Thero).
– I probably need to write a couple of posts on those (raga, dosa, moha). Let me know your thoughts.

The following two subsections discuss some basic concepts.
– Raga, dosa, moha are discussed in various sections on the website, but maybe I should add a few more posts to the following section: “Dhamma Concepts
– Another section on basic concepts is: “Sorting out Some Key Pāli Terms (Taṇhā, Lobha, Dosa, Moha, etc)