Reply To: Bopitiye Sadaham Pasala – Excellent Discourses in Sinhala/English/Italian

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I just listened to all four discourses in English. They are good and the illustrations are clear. The tone of the Thero is on the ‘relaxed’ side, affording listeners to think even while listening.

The one thing that struck me as ‘new'(to me),though in no way ‘revolutionary’ in the sense of not being consistent with Dhamma, is the relation given between moha and raga/dvesha – around 11’14” in Discourse 4 – Sensual Dancers. It is one other aspect to reflect on.

The three discourses in Italian are translations of the first three in English. A fifth discourse, titled ‘Aspects of the Mind’ appears to be available as well, but for that one is prompted to ‘subscribe for next videoS’ – go to 25’53” Discourse 04 – Sensual Dancers.