Reply To: post on Kusala-Mula Paṭicca Samuppāda


Another way to clarify this is the following.

1. Anything in this world arises due to six causes: lōbha, dōsa, mōha and alōbha, adōsa, amōha.

– Those alōbha, adōsa, amōha refer to MUNDANE alōbha, adōsa, amōha.
– They lead to “good rebirths”. See, “Kusala and Akusala Kamma, Puñña and Pāpa Kamma.”
– In other words, those alōbha, adōsa, amōha still are based on the ignorance of the Four Noble Truths/Tilakkhana/Paticca Samuppada. One does punna kamma (and NOT kusala kamma) with that version of alōbha, adōsa, amōha.

2. When one comprehends Four Noble Truths/Tilakkhana/Paticca Samuppada, a deeper level of miccha ditthi is removed, and then punna kamma automatically become kusala kamma.
– Therefore the verse “…Tattha katame kusalamūlā? Alobho, adoso, amoho—ime vuccanti “kusalamūlā”. …” refer to that deeper level of alōbha, adōsa, amōha.

You may have understood that. I just wanted to make sure.