Reply To: What stays after death?

Sotapanna anugami

” If that would be the truth, you could just live your life as you want, fell dead and there will be “someone else” worried about suffering so there need to be an aspect of “I” that suffers thru lifetimes ”

Actually yes, this is the case with early people who start on the path that if NOTHING in me will be there in future lives so why should I worry, let me ‘enjoy’ my life and die. This is why I think Buddha Dhamma should not be seen as a ‘religion’ because I think its better to say its training for people who can comprehend what ‘suffering’ is. Different people have different ‘notion’ of suffering so what can we do? That is why its not easy for people to persevere who lack ‘Panna’ or don’t have any past gati built up as said by Lal sir on this site. Those people can be given push by Buddha or an ariya with abhinna like when Buddha made a person to see a female deva.

If one imagines a lifestream travelling from life after life in this rebirth process, as I explained it is not possible to grasp the complete picture because those entities like ‘time’ comes into picture which do not exist by there own nature. Here we have to take word of the Buddha that only 4 things exists by their own nature Rupa, Citta, Cetasika and Nibbana. There is no problem if we take ‘time’ into consideration but that picture cannot be grasped fully there will be missing links if one sees things and world from Third Persons perspective like a lifestream in rebirth process. By taking time into consideration I mean that if we imagine that this this will happen to me in ‘future’, but its hard to fanthom that and of course there will be missing links but ‘seeing’ that fanthoming for future is still ‘here & now’ why? because Vaci Sankhara is going on and Sanna is taking ‘I’ as one’s body. This time we only took Paramatthas into picture, other beings their body, vaci vinnati, kaya vinnati are all rupa for us but fanthoming can be done like what must be happening to them? but that CANNOT be grasped fully and exactly moreover, it may lead to contradictions let alone missing links. why? entities other than paramatthas are considered.

But if one sees things and world from FPP or from Paramatthas then there will be no missing links let alone contradictions.
P.S. One can say that any being is flux of Rupa, Citta, Cetasika or is Nibbana. It always existed initially as flux of rupa,citta,cetasika now as nibbana because nibbana exists by its own nature just as other paramatthas.

That should do :)