Reply To: What stays after death?

Sotapanna anugami

– Actually, One can talk about lifestreams grasping other bhava but that can only be known to a limited extent and can only be fully grasped by a Sammasambuddha.
-This ‘overall’ perception of lifestream grasping one bhava to another in this beginning less samsara, one should know that cannot be fully/exactly grasped and that’s why these shouldn’t be speculated at.
– And if one wants to know and contemplate the reality one should always do in terms of Paramatthas or one might end up ‘confused’ or with a wrong view of a ‘soul’ or that of annhilation like Ven Yamaka.
– Neverthless, discussion started by Lal sir can be pursued but as the question of christian is ‘exactly’ asking to ‘pinpoint’ the reality, I think then contemplating only in terms ‘absolute realities’ or Paramatthas should be done.
– I think its better to comprehend this oneself if one wants to because the insights are difficult to put into those words which will convey the ‘essence or idea’ and if one has not comprehended oneself then reading many times may not do any good as mentioned by Christian that one cannot learn dhamma even from this site because essentially its just written text but that comprehension should be based on Paramatthas ( I know I repeated it way too much but this is what I found, focus on purifying the mind not to speculate, if you want to speculate do it in terms of ultimate realities then arisen ‘question’ should be resolved.:)

With Metta