Reply To: Sachi Samidu – Excellent Dhamma Explanations by a Four-Year Old


Thank you!

This is inspirational indeed, and I don’t even speak Sinhala. It always brings me joy to learn that there are ariyā among us, especially when we see one who is still a todler.

To speculate about kamma a little bit (I know we are not supposed to but I can’t resist): I am not a parent, but it must have been due to big merit to have an ariya child. Conversely, if we sincerely learn and practice Dhamma, we then increase the chance of being reborn into an environment suitable for further learning and practice, such as being reborn to Jati Sotapanna parent(s).

Lal has said many times that anariya jhana or abhina powers can be lost in the rebirth process, but not magga phala. This is an example of it.

“– This child knows more Buddha Dhamma than 99% of Buddhists.”

For the subject of Sakkāya Diṭṭhi discussed here, I’ve heard some bhikkhus teach this, how the “I” is extra, but they taught it as anatta. And those same bhikkhus still teach anapana as breathing and anicca as impermanence.

Hearing a child talk about Sakkāya Diṭṭhi is indeed something to behold!

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