Reply To: Remembering Past Lives in the Era of Buddha


Thank you, Tobias.

I had forgotten about this video when I replied to Exist above.

Yes. This girl was apparently a Deva at the time of the Buddha and remained in that realm for hundreds of years after the Parinibbana of the Buddha.
– She had seen the Buddha alive and also had seen the statues of Buddha that were built hundreds of years after the Parinibbana of the Buddha (maybe she has been in that realm until recently.)
– As I mentioned in that post referred to by Tobias, she says the statues are quite different from the appearance of the real Buddha.

I just watched the video again and it is amazing!
– Accounts in the Tipitaka are quite consistent with this three-year-old’s account.
– Another bit of information that I missed was the following. Soon after the Buddha attained the Buddhahood, two merchants from Burma visited the Buddha. They asked for something to remember the occasion and the Buddha gave them a few strands of his hair. They took that back to Burma and built a vihara in memory of the Buddha (with that dhatu inside). It is still being venerated by Burmese today. The two merchants were Tapussa and Bhallika, and they were the first layman to take refuge in the Buddha. See, the first verse of “AN 1.248
– You can, of course, find the Pali version there easily.

Here is the video again:
දෙව්ලොව විස්තරය – පෙර භවය දකින දරුවෙකු විසින් Buddhist Heaven