Reply To: Post on Five Aggregates – Introduction


Thank you for mentioning this:

It must be noted that these details about the manomaya kaya (gandhabba) are not available in detail in the Tipitaka. – So, it is only when a Jati Sotapanna like Waharaka Thero (who had learned these details in a previous life) is born and is able to provide details, that we get to see the details. Not all Jati Sotapannas can provide such details either.
– Those details were in the Sinhala Atthakatha (early commentaries) that have been lost.

Despite previously looking for sutta support and additional information on gandhabba, that was to little avail thus I wondered how this could have been more extensively detailed here on this site. Knowing the origin of this lost yet reintroduction dhamma concept is edifying and makes kamma and rebirth a more convincing explanation.

Thank you, Lal.