Reply To: Post on Five Aggregates – Introduction


I did not see Jay’s comment since he had replied to my post on April 28, 2020, above.

Jay wrote on December 3, 2020, above: “More importantly, all of the above, from Ajahn Samāhita’s talk, seems to align—remarkably closely!—with the concepts of gati, gandhabba, hadaya vatthu, and nāma-lōka presented in the various, related posts on those subjects here on this site..”

That is right. Venerable Bhikkhu Samāhita’s ideas, as I remember, are close to what I have discussed.

However, the only problem that I saw was the following. He seems to suggest that it all happens in the brain.
– Even though he mentions that the Tipitaka refers to concepts like gati, gandhabba, hadaya vatthu, he had not connected those with the manomaya kaya. He mostly talks about brain processes.
– If my impression is not correct, please let me know. I can re-listen to that discourse to refresh my memory.