Reply To: A confusion related to attaining the fourth path in a pure abode:


There is an important point that we need to take from the above discussion.

“Seeing”, “hearing”, etc happen in the MIND when the corresponding pasada rupa makes contact with the hadaya vatthu (seat of the mind).

– Those things DO NOT happen at the eyes, ears, etc. OR in the brain.

Therefore, six types of vipāka viññāna arise via “Cakkhuñca paṭicca rūpe ca uppajjāti cakkhuviññāṇaṃ, sōtañca paṭicca sadde ca uppajjāti sotaviññāṇaṃ,…” in the mind.

The physical body (with eyes, ears,…and the brain) arises because of our craving for sensual pleasures (i.e., to eat tasty food, smell the nice aroma, and to touch/have sex).
– But those come with causes for suffering (injuries, diseases, etc.)

People who see these problems with sensual pleasures cultivate jhana and start valuing such jhanic pleasures. Those are the ones that are reborn as Brahmas.
– However, the suffering does not end. Those Brahmas also have finite lifetimes.
– When they die they come back to the kama loka and start over.
– Then, of course, rebirth in the apayas is hard to avoid.

Thus, to attain Nibbana one MUST see the drawbacks of all those births.
– There is no existence in ANY of the 31 realms where DEATH is absent.
– Any “jati” (birth) has suffering built-in.

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