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Thanks, TripleGemStudent. I have gone through those links already, hence my questionns were formulated after that. :)
TripleGemStudent wrote:
Sharma, what is the main goal for the people practicing Buddhism? Do you even want to attain infinite consciousness, if it’s even possible besides a Buddha . . ? Do you have the time to do so?
The main reason I practice Dhamma, of course, is to get rid of asava and gati which tie you to the fruitless and pointless rebirth process. And no, I don’t have time to attain infinite consciousness, at least in this lifetime. :D and attaining infinite consciousness does not just lie in the realm of the Buddhas. As per the book I sent above, it is very much possible for any puthujana yogi to do so.
TrippleGemStudent says:
Thank you for the recommendations, but anyone that understands the Buddha Dhamma and the rebirth process would know this already. It might not be the best use of time reading some book about it when one can just focus on the Buddha Dhamma and they would learn that from it. As well, one can see the example of Devadatta for the easiest and quickest example . . .
Yes, you are right. I am aware of Devadatta. The example of Devadatta does not make sense here, though. Because he injured the Buddha, and caused a schism in the Sangha as well. And here I am just putting forward my questions due to my curiosity. :)
The country I am from has a lot of thriving and vibrant spiritual processes. Even though the final end of suffering cannot be obtained by most of those processes, it is well worth(my) time to know the Dhammic analysis of those processes. practicing Dhamma does not mean that we completely lose our curiosity, it’s the curiosity, after all, which lead me here: I wanted to know if there is any spiritual way which leads to the final destruction of suffering? And lo! That question of mine is finally answered.
I would kindly request anyone to provide me answers for those questions. I love the analysis on this site; it would be good if a Dhamma analysis of all the questions I asked above is provided to me so that my curiosity can be satiated.
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