Reply To: Infinite consciousness, and a façade of eternal bliss?


Sharma said:

-Space is infinite, all-pervasive, eternal, so is consciousness?
-Is it also possible to perceive the entire universe while being in contact with infinite space and infinite consciousness?
– Both space and consciousness are subtler than the Suddashtaka?

I suggest you read this post

The Origin of Matter – Suddhāṭṭhaka

Sharma, what is the main goal for the people practicing Buddhism? Do you even want to attain infinite consciousness, if it’s even possible besides a Buddha . . ? Do you have the time to do so?

There’s a story about a yogi whom wanted to explore the whole universe. He ended up getting lost and died. There’s also a story about one of Lord Buddha’s disciple who wanted to explore the universe, he ended up getting lost. Lucky for him, Lord Buddha was able to find him.

Sharma said:

Memory records from beginning-less time are stored in the consciousness property. In other words, what we have thought, done, everything. (I wonder if the rumors’ of Akashic records originated from that, except it should be Vinnanic, not Akashic.) is that correct? could it also be possible to retrieve those records for one self?

– I suggest you read these two post and as well do a search on this website on “Nama gota”

Autobiographical Memory – Preserved in Nāma Loka

Memory Records- Critical Part of Five Aggregates

I can’t say for certain as I only have a general idea of what the Akashic records are, but I’m pretty sure the Akashic records is the same as the Nama gota or the concept anyways . . .

Sharma said

“I would recommend this book. It shows the immense(but ultimately) limited possibilities of attaining anariya jhanas.”

Thank you for the recommendations, but anyone that understands the Buddha Dhamma and the rebirth process would know this already. It might not be the best use of time reading some book about it when one can just focus on the Buddha Dhamma and they would learn that from it. As well, one can see the example of Devadatta for the easiest and quickest example . . .

with Metta,