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Hello Lang,

I think you had the wrong title for the post? I just revised the topic title.

I think you meant the recent post, “Rupa and Rupakkhandha, Nāma and Nāmagotta

It is a good idea to provide the link to the post in question. That way, there is no ambiguity and also others can see what you refer to.

Regarding your question:
The recalled memory comes back with EXACTLY the same rupa (image) and the associated vedana, sanna, sankhara, vinnana felt at that time in the past (if it can be recalled with precision; see below).
– That is what I stated in #7, which had the statement: “I must emphasize that one’s experiences are the same as one’s thoughts that arose in mind at THAT TIME.”
– In #8 I provided evidence from the video that was in a previous post. Please watch that video again if not clear.

P.S. Of course, those of us who do not have HSAM do not fully experience past memories. But those people with HSAM do, as I discussed in #8.

P.P.S. I read #7 again. You are correct that it gives the impression that ALL OF US will re-live past experiences. Thanks for pointing that out. I just revised #7 as follows:

7. Pick the name of a friend that you have not seen for many years. How long does it take to recall his/her face? Almost instantly.

– That is the same way those people with HSAM recall their past. I urge everyone to re-read the post, “Autobiographical Memory – Preserved in Nāma Loka.”
– That post gives an idea of how precisely one’s experiences are preserved in the nāma loka. I must emphasize that one’s experiences are the same as one’s thoughts that arose in mind at THAT TIME. However, that depends on one’s ability to recall that past memory. An average human doesn’t even remember many past events.
– When a person with HSAM recalls a past event, he/she RE-LIVES that experience. But it is not so vivid for those who do not have HSAM.
– But the point is that over 50 people have such vivid and detailed “re-living” of past experiences means that those detailed records have been kept somewhere.