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On August 21, 2020, at 9:29 am, Lal posted:


1. Did I make the statement “Only Gati are carried to the next existence” or not?
– If I did, I need to make the correction. PLEASE respond to my questions.

2. You do not seem to understand a key point that I am trying to make. Many people DO NOT understand some key concepts of Buddha Dhamma.
– The Pali-English dictionary that you refer to. Was it not written by someone?
– See, “Pāli Dictionaries – Are They Reliable?
– Why do you think something MUST BE true if it is in a dictionary?

3. You wrote: “And I want to bring another controversial issue. In ”The great craving-destruction discourse – Maha Tanhasankhaya Sutta (MN 38) Buddha’s explanations of rebirth present a position different from other schools..”

– What “other schools” are you referring to?
– What other schools CAN BE there?
– If it is Buddha Dhamma, would not the teachings HAVE TO BE attributed to the Buddha?
– This is related to #2 above. People keep making up their own versions of Buddha Dhamma. Such WRONG INTERPRETATIONS appear in sutta translations, dictionaries, textbooks on Buddhism, etc.

4. You asked: “So, I ask you, in which sutta the Buddha spoke about what is in the ”Lifestream”?”

The word “lifestream” is my usage in the English language. The Buddha did not use English.
– The Buddha talked about a “living being” going through the rebirth process, a satta.
– Don’t get hung up in words. Try to understand what happens in the rebirth process.