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On August 21, 2020, at 9:07 am, Grenier posted:

Bonjour Lal,
I have an other question about ”gati”. ”tassa kã gati ko abhisamparayo? what is his rebirth and what his destiny? MM.i.388).The definition of ”gati” in the new concise pali english dictionary :”where one goes agter death; a futur course; a state of existence.” I found nowhere a reference to ”character” or ”habit”!. ”Gati” like in your citation in ”Patisandhi Citta – How the next life is determined according to gati” …”but there let us look at how one’s gati lead to corresponding rebirths in different realms”.
And I want to bring an other controversial issue. In ”The great craving-destruction discourse – Maha Tanhasankhaya Sutta (MN 38) Buddha’s explanations of rebirth present a position different from other schools on both sides of the issues in that he avoided the question of wheter or not there’s a ”what” that gets reborn, or if there is a ”what”, what is (SN 12:12 ; SN 12:35). He also discouraged such speculations as, ”If I take rebirth, what was I in the past, and what will I be in the future?” (MN 2). So, I ask you, in which sutta the Buddha spoke about whay is in the ”Lifestream”? Merci, Grenier