Reply To: Two Types of Desire


On August 21, 2020, at 7:09 am, Lal posted:

If I wrote, ” Only Gati are carried to the next existence” that is NOT correct.

I went through the post and did not see it stated like that.

In #4, I stated, “The only things that are carried over to the new life are those kamma seeds, which contain the “character” or “gati” of that lifestream. ”
– That is correct.
– But I see some places where things need to be stated a bit differently. I will do that once I hear back you about this particular statement.

Which bullet # contains “Only Gati are carried to the next existence”?

For everyone: Please make sure to state the bullet # when you refer to a statement in a post.

But you seem to be “catching up quickly”, Grenier. That is great!