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On August 21, 2020, at 5:00 am, Grenier posted:

Bojour Lal,
”I am my own kamma, I am a heir to my kamma, I am born in this life from my kamma ” From the Abhinhapaccavekkhitabbathana Sutta , Anguttara Nikāya 5.57 . My question in post #31904, was about what you said in ”What reincarnates? – Concept of a Lifestream” citation : ”Only Gati are carried to the next existence” …And if the kamma is not a part of the Lifestream, by which road does he migrate from lifes to lifes? That why I ask you on which sutta we can find that ”only” gati are carried to the next life. I do not find an answer in your post #31905. Merci , Grenier