Reply To: Two Types of Desire


On August 20, 2020, at 7:26 am Grenier posted:

Bonjour Lal,
Thanks for your explanations I better understand those kinds of desires; but is there an other kind of desire comming from karma ( according to karma, what you have done, you become); it is not so much that we form desires, but that desires form in us…our desires are hardly ”ours”…we only figure them out, if at all, once they are fully formed. I speak about those compulsive behaviors (OCD), a form of overwhelming desire; those uncontrolled obsessions (similar to asavas), in which categories of desires could you place them ? Does my ”spiritual practice” not lead me to the cessation of desire, but merely make me more ”accident-prone”? If my intellect is not equipped to pierce through the veil of ”maya” (illusion) and apprehend the true nature of reality , there is nothing in me that can oppose the demands and dictates of will (the world as will of Arthur Schopenhauer) which drive me unwittingly into a life of inevitable struggle, frustration and pain. So that part comming from past karma (those unconscious desires) are not in my control (like anatta)?The unlighted man could say, it is our ”destiny…desire and destiny are almost the same word. ”Desire” derives from the Latin desiderare, ”to long or wish for” which itself derives from de sidere, ”from the stars”, suggesting that the original sense is ”to await what the stars will bring”. An other type of desire? Merci, Grenier