Reply To: Two Types of Desire


On August 19, 2020, at 7:40 pm, Grenier posted:

Bonjour Lal,
I thank you for your clarifications about ”desires”; if I understand your point, there are two categories of ”desires” : the ”good one” (dhamma-chanda or vibhava tanha) and the ”bad one”
(kama tanha),” desires” for sensory pleasures… (but what about bhava tanha?).
A being must develops ”good desires” to discard the ”bad one”… (desiring desirelessness).
But a being is not in ”control” (anatta) and in that position, could he (a self) makes ”good desires”, step-by-step, not forcefully abstaining from sense pleasures (patigha…a lower level of hate, more like ”friction”), respecting the ”middle way”, and, at the end, if there is no more self (anatta), who will make “good desires” (kusala-chanda)?
Please give light to my ”ignorance”, Merci, Grenier.