Reply To: mindfulness practice and eye tiredness/pain


Hello Grenier,

Your quote of Bodhiketu merits some discussion. He says, “The Western Buddhist Order has been going long enough now for there to be many of us who have practiced sincerely and effectively for 20,30 and even 40 years. So are there Stream Entrants in the Order? If there are none, one could be forgiven for harbouring doubts.”

1. The key is to figure out what he understands by the “Stream Entry” or the Sotapanna stage.
– Did you see his idea of “Stream Entry” or how to get there? What did he expect to experience or gain once he got there? Apparently, he is discouraged by not being able to get there. But I am not sure he even KNOWS what “Stream Entry” means.

2. Have you thought about what you expect from studying Buddha Dhamma?

I would like to get some feedback on one or both of the above issues before I can respond.