Reply To: mindfulness practice and eye tiredness/pain


Bonjour Lal,
I want to go back to your post #31724 and the article by Bodhiketu, ”Stages of the Path: Stream Entry and Beyond” (in Bodhiketu/Stream Entry & Beyond (WBR) 1 ) Bodhiketu mentions, on page 1 : ”The Western Buddhist Order has been going long enough now for there to be many of us who have practised sincerely and effectively for 20,30 and even 40 years. So are there Stream Entrants in the Order? If there are none, one could be forgeven for harbouring doubts. Has Sangharakshita overestimated our capacity? Have we failed to live up to our potential? Are the teachings and practices that we have adequate? ” I want to know why after you read his article, you said :” I don’t think he has a good understanding of Buddha Dhamma” What would be a good understanding? And in which way, Bodhiketu try to interpret Buddha Dhamma in his own way? Merci pour vos éclaircissements, Grenier