Reply To: mindfulness practice and eye tiredness/pain


Cubibobi: “When I brought up rebirth, this “Buddhist” launched right into a vehement denial of a human being reborn as an animal, claiming how unscientific that was.”

Science has undoubtedly made a lot of progress regarding INERT MATTER.
– But it has made ZERO progress about the mind, as I pointed out in the new post: “Theories of Our World – Scientific Overview

The following is a link to the lecture set by Bhikkhu Bodhi mentioned by Grenier:
Bhikkhu Bodhi – 1 – The Buddha

– I watched a couple of lectures just to make sure.
– It is a great series of lectures for a beginner. It explains how to get to the MUNDANE eightfold path.
– Of course, Bhikkhu Bodhi, like many learned bhikkhus of today, still translates anicca and anatta as “impermanence” and “no-self.” I DO NOT recommend his interpretations when he gets to such deeper issues.
– Therefore, this series of lectures could ONLY be used as introductory material.