Reply To: mindfulness practice and eye tiredness/pain


I was thinking a bit more about the above issue.

It is a big problem. People try to mold Buddha Dhamma to their own world views.
– In particular, secular Buddhists (Google the term and read about it), do not believe in rebirth. So, they have their own version of “Buddhism.”
– Some others are scared of “extinction” at Nibbana. That is because they do not understand that there is no “soul-type” entity. Life is a series of “causes and effects”. Over long times that leads to much more suffering than any temporary happiness.

All those are wrong views. One is not released from suffering as long as one has wrong views.

The only thing I (or anyone else) can do is to present the teachings of the Buddha in its original form. Hopefully, at least some people will understand.
– That is why I recently started a new series of posts to look at Buddha Dhamma from a more basic and fundamental level:
Buddha Dhamma – A Scientific Approach