Reply To: mindfulness practice and eye tiredness/pain


Yes. I do.

It has to do with the background that one is brought up.
– Anyone can understand Buddha Dhamma IF they put their mind to it. The following are general statements based on my observations.
– Most Westerners are brought up with the idea of a Creator God. So, understanding the intricacies of Buddha Dhamma is not easy. I see that many are struggling with the concept of rebirth. Even worse, the idea of the possibility of rebirth in the animal realm could be disturbing too. In many religions, animals are supposed to be created by God for human consumption.
– Furthermore, they also face a lot of confusion because there are many versions of the Buddha Dhamma. So, one has to go through a lot of “stuff” out there, most of which is wrong. But how would one figure that out without looking at ALL that is out there?