Reply To: Eating meat


I don’t disagree with many things you stated, Chah.

Different people become passionate about different issues. I can understand your passion for animal lives.
– But we all are forced to engage in unfruitful or undesirable actions at various levels. That is what I was trying to say. If one gets to the level of abstaining eating meat, one needs to be abstaining from all four types of wrong speech, because that affects other humans and thus would incur much more strong kamma. You could be at that level. I do not know. But I know most people are not.
– Only an Arahant is completely free of dasa akusala.
– There is absolutely nothing wrong with abstaining from eating meat. In fact, that should be commended.
– If we can scrutinize all our actions to that level, that will definitely speed up the process of attaining Nibbana.