Reply To: Black Magic According To Buddha Dhamma


Before Dhamma I used to be pretty successful in occult stuff. There are ways to bring or manifest beings from other realm and bound them, there are actually so many things one can do thru “invisible” mechanics if one understand them one can do certain things but it always comes with the price. I studied it most of my life (to create things the way I want before understanding Anicca nature) so if anyone is interested I can answers questions to some extent but those theories of magic practice does not show true nature of this world, it’s more like biology or medicine, for example you have medical concepts but they do not include gandhabba or other factors of true nature, even magic being “spiritual” so to speak – it does not include true mechanics of the world but only related to it’s own convenience.

So for example, you want to make certain object that have certain power, most likely astrological one. To do so one need to understand how planets move and how to elect one to catch up “essence” of such planets, there need to be correspondence to those planets on the basis of mechanics or theory of magic, but one need to think how real this theory is in the sense of what is really happening – someone just put it together on his own or experience based on many experiments to make some sense of it and put it into “mechanics” but in reality behind this theory may be other things that are really in work.