Reply To: Mediumship is it real?


Hello Raja_mw,

There’s a whole section on Bhavana on the site that is just invaluable. Bhavana here is more on contemplation of a topic to let it sink into the mind, and from that a real change in habits (gathi) is possible.

In my personal case, contemplating on the 10 types of wrong views (miccha ditthi) has paid the most dividends, because of where I am on the path. And any oppotunities to contemplate anicca, dukkha, anatta is beneficial. Of course, the prerequisites is to abastain from the BIG EIGHT (explained in the bhavana section) as much as possible.

You mentioned “anicca;impermanence”-equanimity, and bodily sensations, so it sounded like you attended the vipassana retreats in the SN Goenka’s style. I know many in this tradition, and the experiences they report are very diverse: from heavy to very light, and occasionally they do feel strange. I myself had no unusual experiences when I used to practice that style.