Reply To: Mediumship is it real?


out of topic but i want to ask about fear/afraid of something.

if anger is facet of greed, is fear too?

how could one get rid of fear? is there any method? especially when doing formal meditation session?

the background…
about 6 years ago. when i do formal meditation session in Vipassana retreat that focus on bodily sensation (“anicca;impermanence”-equanimity) i experienced pitch dark like view and it instilled fear to me. i persisted (i brain wash my self that any sensation like fear is manifesting as bodily sensation and that too will pass) and at the end of retreat i can feel subtle vibration almost all over my body especially leg. so it’s not bad experience overall.

about month ago, when i do formal meditation session and still dont know about Anapanasati. I still practice it by observing breathing and while practicing my body moved on their own and try to persist to see what’s going on, and what i think as Jhana turn out to be dangerous situation because i feel my heart beat goes really high. almost pop out. and this too instilled fear to me.

yesterday when i do Ariya Metta Bhavana, suddenly i can see bit light and experienced my body like being seated. i feel a bit fear and that too unpleasant to me.

i do really need some guidance or technique to solve this fear

please kindly enlighten me ?