Reply To: Mediumship is it real?


For those who are not familiar with the term, “Mediumship” or just “Medium”, it refers to an instance where a subtle-body of another living being (could even be a human gandhabba) enters the physical body of a human and “takes possession” of that human body.
– There is truth to this mechanism. However, most current accounts are fake.

During the “time of possession,” it is the alien being who is in control of the physical body.
– In reality, this can only happen to those with “weak minds.”
– Those of us who follow Buddha Dhamma do not need to worry about it.
– Even more importantly, it is better to just ignore such occurrences, whether real or not. It would not be helpful to get involved.

In the 1990 movie “Ghost,” Oda May is a medium (or a psychic.) See, “Ghost 1990 Movie – Good Depiction of Gandhabba Concept

P.S. For more information, see, “Mental Body (Gandhabba) – Personal Accounts” and “What Does Buddha Dhamma Say about Creator, Satan, Angels, and Demons?

P.S. Usually, a psychic or a “medium” is a person who has a relationship with another living-being of “subtle form” and, thus, can invite that being to “take possession” of one’s own body. That is what Oda May in the movie “Ghost” does.
– I don’t want to get into too many details, but that completes the above description.