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Lal says: (May 28, 2020 at 10:08 am0

–” X had changed his gati after killing Y. Suppose he learned Dhamma and comprehended Tilakhhana. In that case, even though the above scenario will be re-created due to kammic energy, X WILL NOT go through with killing Y again.”

What about thiose who change their gati without ever having heard of Buddhadhamma?. i know of one particular fellow who turned from his ‘playboy lifestyle'(and he was married) to a moral way of life after having ‘converted’ to Jehovah Witnesses. Will he also not go through that decisive
upadana-paccayapbhave step ? Will he also not go through with the deed at the cuti-patisandhi moment? In this respect, how is Buddhadhamma different.? I know it IS different, somehow, but where exactly lies the difference? For he now has come to see that grave consequences would follow. This alone is what stops him bringing the deed to a conclusion. Buddha or no Buddha.
The Buddha expounded the Dhamma; one aspect of the Dhamma is that causes have cinsequenxes. And he has seen that. Jesus tasught the same . Most founders of other religions have taughtn the same.