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Tobias G

I think #11 is still wrong in the post Āsava, Anusaya, and Gati (Gathi).

“The seven types of anusaya can give rise to four types of āsava.

Ditthānusaya and vicikiccānusaya arise from ditthāsava.
Kāmarāgaanusaya and paṭighanusaya arise from kamāsava.
Bhvarāganusaya arises from bhavāsava.
Avijjānusaya and mānanusaya arise from avijjāsava.
One cannot REMOVE the other three āsava until one removes ditthāsava at the Sōtapanna stage.”

The first sentence is correct, but then follows “…anusaya arise from … asava”, which is wrong. Correct is: Asava arise from anusaya.