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Good Question, Lang.

As we discussed in that post, one only loses the wrong VIEW of sakkaya ditthi first.
– The tendency to feel and perceive sensory pleasures is likely to be still there even after attaining the Sotapanna phala moment.

That is why a Sotapanna (or a Sotapanna Anugami) is free only from the apayas.
– Bonds to the kama loka are still there (even though less).
– Of course, those bonds start to WEAKEN even from the Sotapanna Anugami stage.

A Sakadagami would not care to OWN material things (that provide sense pleasures) but would still like to enjoy them.
– It is only an Anagami who would not care for any sensory pleasure.

So, I guess we can call it an “inside out” process. But losing cravings for material things also happen gradually. Some lose more than others.
– As the Waharaka Thero had explained in the recently transcribed discourse, a Sotapanna would lose a HUGE amount of defilements (that one may have not even been aware of). An average human would have an enormous amount of hidden defilements (mostly wrong views) as anusaya.
– That is what is lost mostly at the Sotapanna stage, starting at the Sotapanna Anugami stage.

I am still revising and expanding that first youtube video. I hope to post the full document within a few days.