Reply To: Post On Kāma Guṇa – Origin of Attachment (Tanhā)


I have been thinking about this and here are some thoughts…

I think there is no straightforward answer as to whether a person will absolutely find a delicious meal (as commonly agreed by most people), to be well, delicious. Whatever we experienced is influenced by 3 factors: the vipaka of past kamma that takes place in present life; present volitions (body, verbal, mental); our external environment (people, things, event). Any effect experienced by the person is never coming solely from one factor alone for no one single factor has the absolute determining power to dictate the result. It’s somewhat like a vector summation of the 3 factors that gives a resultant effect that is to be experienced. The Kāma Guṇa of a food happens to be our external environment, which is just a physical attribute. One can taste the flavour of the food but whether the flavour is palatable to the person is highly subjective. We find certain food delicious not because we want to think it that way. Thinking that the food is delicious is really just concluding the net result of what is experienced through the causal relationship among the 3 factors mentioned above. I would also think if an Arahant has some issues with spicy food (maybe his stomach cannot take spicy food), he might not find spicy food particularly tasty even when his fellow monks have a different opinion from his.