Reply To: Difference between "Arahant phala samapatti" and "Nirodha samapatti" ?


Thank you, y not.
Yes. It is a good sutta to read: “Bahuvedanīya Sutta (mn 59)

y not asked: “‘wherever it’s found, and in whatever context.’ would here include Nibbana. Is that correct?”
– Buddha’s definition of happiness is to remove ANY TRACE of suffering.
– It is good to read as many suttas as possible and to verify that.
– “Real happiness” is to be free from ANY type of suffering. That cannot be attained ANYWHERE in the 31 realms.
P. S. Two English translations are available there. If anyone does not know how to see the translations, please ask. There are translations in other languages as well. Of course, in some cases, the translations may not be fully correct.

I am trying to get the new post out. After that, I will read the sutta and see whether I can add anything more.