Reply To: Gandhabba memory capabilities


You wrote: “I’m referring more specifically when a gandhabba dwells in para loka. I mean, lots OBE reports talk about people that could see and hear from out of the body while maintaining its identity, i.e., knowing who they are, who are its relatives, etc..”

I don’t think you understood what I was trying to say. Let me try to say it in a different way.
– There is a gandhabba inside of you. In fact, that gandhabba is YOU.
– Our physical body is just a “shell.”
– It is the gandhabba doing the thinking etc.

So, what happens to some who undergo heart operations is that the gandhabba is kind of “pushed out” of the physical body. When the gandhabba comes out, it can see and hear without having eyes and ears.

If you really want to understand, you need to spend some time and read the posts I recommended.

Please feel to ask questions if you have a problem with certain parts of a post. That is why the bullet numbers are there. Please refer to the post and the bullet numbers.

That applies to your other questions too.

P.S. The gandhabba does not die until the lifetime for the human bhava is spent.
– If the human bhava in your example is 1000 years, it is the same gandhabba that lives 1000 years. But his gati may change, of course.
– When one physical body dies, the gandhabba just separates from the dead body (just like what happens to some people during heart operations). Then the gandhabba waits until it is pulled into a another womb. Then it lives inside that physical body, and so on.

The gandhabba may not remember previous lives in different physical bodies.