Reply To: Gandhabba memory capabilities


I’m referring more specifically when a gandhabba dwells in para loka. I mean, lots OBE reports talk about people that could see and hear from out of the body while maintaining its identity, i.e., knowing who they are, who are its relatives, etc. That is, having access to its life memories.
But why they do not have other life memories? Because they were attentive to the actual (present) critical situation, or because they were still alive?

And the main questions: What about the gandhabba that has lost his body (died): can remember only its immediate previous life, or all the lives it had had in its bhava?
For example, someone who is in its 4th life of a human bhava dies and then wanders through para loka. Suppose that in total he has spent 300 years living as human, and 400 years as a gandhabba in para loka. After leaving its last body (that of its 4th life), will he be capable of remembering all the 700 years spent during his actual bhava, or just the more recent years?