Reply To: Gandhabba memory capabilities


Hello oetb.

“Is a gandhabba able to recall memories?”
– Yes. Gandhabba is simply our mental body. It is inside the physical body. The physical body (or the brain) cannot think.
– Thus when we say we recall our memories, it is actually our gandhabba that is recalling memories.

The best way to realize this is to look at the out-of-body experiences (OBE) of people who have had that experience during heart operations. During some heart operations, the mental boy or the gandhabba comes out of the physical body. That mental body can see its physical body from the above. The book “Consciousness Beyond Life” by Pim van Lommel (2010) gives detailed accounts of case studies of OBE experienced by people undergoing heart operations.
– Also see, “Gandhabba Sensing the World – With and Without a Physical Body” , “Mental Body Versus the Physical Body” and “Mental Body (Gandhabba) – Personal Accounts

Regarding your other questions, also see, “Bhava and Jāti – States of Existence and Births Therein